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5 Genuine Ways to Begin #GivingBackToHumanity

Updated: Jun 7

Have you ever felt the urge to contribute positively to your community and support humanity, but felt lost about where to start? It could be due to the overwhelming amount of information available. It can seem almost impossible to pause and select a cause amidst this information overload.

The news is filled with alarming statistics, and the Internet highlights a different social issue each day. From the global pandemic and climate change to food insecurity, gender and race inequality, lack of medical care, and clean water access, the topics vary widely. Not to mention, July 2021 marked Earth's hottest month in the past 142 years.

Indeed, we are currently facing uncertain times, perhaps more so than ever before. Despite the negative outlook and common stereotypes (such as Millennials being selfish and Boomers being set in their ways), we all unite when it comes to addressing social issues and our collective determination to overcome them.

Here's a gentle reminder: fortunately, not everything is lost. Each one of us has the ability to make a difference in our community and contribute to the healing of society.

Can we genuinely create an impact? What are the most pressing concerns? And, crucially, where should we begin?

We can start by taking a deep breath, playing some music on Spotify, and then addressing each task one step at a time.

The power of contributing to society lies in its simplicity. Offering assistance is a kind gesture that can create a lasting impact. It can be as easy as aiding your neighbor with their groceries or helping the elderly lady you encountered at the pharmacy to safely cross the street.

Buckle up with empathy and compassion, and let's embark on giving back. Here are five sincere ways to contribute to humanity:

1. Being generous always has positive outcomes.

You don’t need to donate large sums to make an impact. Even small contributions can assist in providing a child's weekly meals or supporting medical expenses for an elderly person in need. Remember, a little can make a significant difference!

Here's a great tip for you: During the holiday season, various places like community centers, grocery stores, schools, and businesses often host food drives to support local food banks. Consider purchasing a few extra cans during your next shopping trip and stay alert for upcoming drives. This simple act can have a significant impact on someone's life!

If funds are tight but you have a generous spirit, consider giving the gift of life by donating blood. In less than an hour, you can provide a precious resource that has the potential to save lives.

2. Be kind.

One crucial method of contributing to society is by dedicating your time and effort to volunteer at places such as local non-profits, homeless shelters, food banks, or animal rescues. Your time is invaluable, and donating it can have a significant impact on the lives of others.

If you're interested in supporting children in need, consider volunteering with local organizations dedicated to improving the lives of youth in foster care. Moreover, you may discover opportunities to go beyond and assist young adults who have transitioned out of the foster care system.

Volunteering at your local senior center can reduce loneliness and depression among the elderly. You can also support seniors in their homes by engaging them in activities, ensuring their happiness and independence.

3. Show respect for the Earth.

With a population exceeding 7 billion people, abundant plant and animal life, our planet provides us with all our necessities. Earth is our sole home, and we are its caretakers. It is our duty to maintain its well-being for all living beings, both now and in the future.

Begin by arranging a community clean-up to collect litter, remove weeds, and spruce up park benches. Your neighbors and the environment will appreciate your efforts.!

Recycled materials, such as plastic, are highly valuable and can be effortlessly transformed into fresh products, which ultimately diminishes the necessity for natural resources and further pollution.

4. Provide support to others.

Corporate social responsibility is gradually becoming a common measure for companies, whereas a few decades ago, it was uncommon for social impact to be the main objective of non-for-profit business.

The rise in social impact companies is gaining traction, catching the public's attention. Typically, these companies focus on addressing local and global community needs by tackling challenges such as poverty, hunger, homelessness, refugees, and climate change. With the growing number of social impact organizations, there is a collaborative effort involving a larger group of individuals with increased resources to address these pressing issues.

Backing these businesses, trying out their services, and sharing the news also involves you in their journey.

On that note, here's a gentle nudge to stay tuned! We're fully committed to our mission of giving back to humanity.

5. Spread inspiration to all.

If you've read this article until the end and are still unsure about the cause you want to support, link up with charities or organizations that focus on children or the elderly, causes that resonate with you.

By sharing your random acts of kindness with your family, friends, and colleagues, you will notice that they become inspired to do the same. Spreading generosity ignites a sense of purpose in those around you, so feel free to open up and express your intentions.

The choice is yours to make! #humanity

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