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Grounding or “Earthing” - "What on earth is going on there?"

In recent years, the term ‘grounding’ has gained popularity as a mental health technique to alleviate anxiety, stress, and pain. This concept differs from the traditional practice of ‘earthing,’ which involves the electromagnetic interaction between the Earth and various objects, including humans. While suggesting you connect with the Earth through earthing may sound unconventional, bear with us as we delve into the scientific aspects.

Everything in the world consists of atoms, implying that all objects possess a certain net charge (remember physics class?). Earth itself carries a negative charge, explaining why items with positive charges can be "grounded" by coming into contact with the Earth. Picture static electricity dissipating by touching grass. Throughout the day, humans accumulate a positive charge, and without grounding to restore balance, our electrical systems can become disrupted, leading to symptoms of imbalance and discomfort. Establishing a connection with the Earth can help neutralize these excess electrical charges in the body. Research has shown that consistent earthing practices can offer various benefits to the human body, such as:

  • Decrease chronic inflammation

  • Enhance perceived stress and anxiety

  • Enhance sleep quality and alleviate chronic fatigue

  • Enhance cardiovascular function, particularly blood pressure

  • Alleviate pain symptoms

Restore balance to cortisol levels

5 Ways to Try It

If you're open to trying earthing (and why not? It's likely the simplest, most cost-effective preventive health measure available), here's how to start. To put it briefly, make a habit of touching the ground regularly. Here are a few detailed examples of how you can tap into the grounding energy of the Earth daily:

1. Walk barefoot in the grass, sand or dirt

2. Lie down in the grass or sand

3. Touch water, whether it’s going into a clear lake, or simply taking a bath

4. Garden – get your hands in the soil

5. You can also use some higher tech equipment if you don’t have easy access to grass, soil or clear water. Grounding mats, sheets, shoes & socks are all available online.

Are you planning to ground yourself today? If so, what method will you be using? Share your thoughts with us!

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